We support entrepreneurs, general managers, and other top executives unleash the potential of their employees.

The Full Potential Leadership® (FPL) framework is at the heart of our training and consulting services. Specific assessment tools help leaders navigate toward success.

Your benefits:

  • Measurable success for yourself and your organization.
  • In addition to higher productivity and innovation, you benefit from higher sales, higher customer satisfaction, top quality and lower employee turnover.
  • Collaboration improves, through enhanced understanding and trust, not only among employees but also with customers and other external partners. A more energetic team spirit unfolds, agility ignites.
  • A motivational climate develops so that more and more employees come to work more often with more energy.
  • You are freed from operational details and have more energy to pursue strategic opportunities. You also gain more time for yourself and your private life.


FPL Training

FPL Consulting

  • Conducted by marevest team
  • Interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Desk research
  • Leadership team agenda

Online FPL Training Course

Markus Rechlin

  • Dr.-Ing., Mechanical Engineering, RWTH Aachen
  • Draeger Medical, Business Area Manager
  • The Boston Consulting Group, Principal
  • Bain Capital, Executive Vice President
  • SLM Solutions Group AG, CEO
  • MAREVEST, Founder and MD

Michael Kraushaar

  • Diplom Psychology and Marketing, Ruhr Universität Bochum
  • SAT.1, Director Marketing and Sales Services
  • Tchibo Praha, MD Czech and Slovak Republic
  • British American Tobacco NL, MD and Area Director STC
  • British American Tobacco Europe, Head of CSR,
    Member of the Board
  • Independent Trainer and Coach


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The Full Potential Leadership® framework was designed to help enterprise leaders unleash team collaboration and team spirit, as well as individual engagement and skills systematically. It reflects our many years of experience in leading and developing enterprises.  

The complete and actionable framework comprises the FPL model, process and support tools. The FPL model focuses on mindset and behavioral habits across the enterprise for that’s the key to unleashing the potential of employees. The FPL process builds on the philosophy for an ongoing journey of continuous improvement.


The FPL model shows the impact chain of empowering and energizing individuals and teams based on the insights of behavioral sciences across three layers.

The first layer, directly influenced through leadership, is the enterprise environment including mindset, behavior and systems.

The second layer, influenced through the first layer, is the people experience, reflecting the experience of employees at work, based on their interaction with other people and with systems established at the enterprise.

The third layer, facilitated through the second layer, are the People Strengths, comprising collaboration, team spirit, engagement and skills. People Strengths are ultimately the key to success for individuals and enterprises.

It is key to start with mindset and behavior when it comes to unleashing the potential of people systematically. According to the FPL model, people’s mindsets and behavior are closely related and have a significant impact on People Strengths.

Cultivating an open and conscious mind, the FPL mindset, as well as acting as a credible role model for FPL by demonstrating specific behavioral habits are the top priorities for Full Potential Leaders. In addition, they also strive for a state-of-the-art leadership system and pursue selected strategic and operational priorities.


As a leader, you act as a role model influencing the people around you through your behavior.

Specific behavioral habits help you to foster collaboration, team spirit, engagement and skills in your organization.

Try now our Leader Self-Assessment demo to see whether you act already as a Full Potential Leader:

We count with a whole package of tools designed to help you in your journey to unlock people’s potential in your organization. For more information please contact us.


Full Potential Leadership® is an ongoing journey that starts with the systematic assessment of the baseline. Surveys and interviews capture the behavioral habits in an enterprise and the underlying mindset, as well as some characteristics of the leadership system and the people’s experience at work. A suite of online survey tools facilitate the assessment.

Scores indicate the current position relative to benchmarks. Based on the assessment results, leaders define their self-leadership plans and the enterprise leadership agenda.

During implementation, leaders periodically track the progress. The whole process is repeated annually, including the assessment of the status and a revision of priorities and initiatives. We are eager and happy to support the whole journey with our training and consulting services.